Briggs & Stratton LO206 Snowmobile Engines

The idea behind these new classis is ONE common engine that will fit in all 4 brands of sleds. This provides us with a true fair and equal "crate" engine class, with no modifications allowed to the basic engine package which is factory sealed by Briggs & Stratton. Simply put, if the seals are cut, the engine is illegal.

The head and intake are removable for maintenance and jetting changes. Rules governming these parts are clearly defined in the Briggs ruleset and tech gauges for each part are available. These rules have been adopted by all major 120 racing organizations and have been used in the kart racing world for a decade.

We at 4 Cycle Central have worked with Briggs Motorsports since the early 90s. We were the shop they chose for development of the Animal racing engine from the start in the mid 1990s. Regan works in the R&D department at Briggs running the dynos and carb flow benches.

For the last several months, we have been working non-stop to develop the parts you need to get these engines up and running. We put in the time so you don't have to!

No one has more experience than us!

4 Cycle Central LO206 Price List

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Engine$614.00
Race prep package: break-in, dyno, set carb and valve train$199.00
Pipe and Silencer$100.00
Wedge Plate for Mounting in Polaris$29.95
Adjustable Main Jet for LO206 Carb$49.00
LO206 Driveline Kit$144.95
Throttle Cable Kit$5.99
Polaris Valve Cover$12.99
Exhaust Accessory Kit (bolts, washers, safety wire, gasket, header wrap)$16.99
Choke Return Spring (locks choke open)$2.99
AMSOIL 4T oil (the only oil we recommend)$14.99

To order call Regan at 414-803-8436 or Bob at 414-228-8642
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