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We have 25 years experience building 4-cycle racing engines. We are the shop chosen by Briggs & Stratton for the R&D on their OHV Line. 4 Cycle Central offers 20+ HP “opens” for the Outlaw Class and all work for the Honda, Suzuki, and Robin engines. In-house flow bench, dyno tuning, head and block decking, weld ports...

We carry a complete line of aftermarket performace carbs for all engines and cams for Briggs and Suzuki. Also, 4 Cycle Central will make custom headers to produce power in the range you require!

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Engines Available for 120 Classes

The idea behind these new classes is ONE common engine that will fit all 4 brands of sleds. This provides a true fair and equal "crate" engine class, with no modifications allowed to the basic engine package that is factory sealed by Briggs & Stratton. Simply put, if the seals are cut, the engine is illegal.

4 Cycle Central has everything you need for your LO206 sled, from engines to exhaust to mounting brackets to complete kits. Check our LO206 products page for more information.

New Products Available

4 Cycle Central has the following new products available and featured on our website:

  • 4 Cycle Central LO206 Race Prep Package .......... $199.00

    Let us professionally break in and prepare your LO206 engine for the season so you know you've got the fastest setup right out of the box. We will break in your LO206 engine on our dyno and set your carburetor and valve train for optimal performance.

  • Racing Disc Clutch ........ $335.00

    An upgrade over the stock clutch for higher and more aggressive engagement and performance on starts for the Briggs LO206 and Champ engines. Clutch adjustments can be made without removing the clutch from the engine. Infinite adjustment on clutch engagement settings. Fits the standard Band brake and engine shaft.

AIM MyChron Data Systems

When you deal with kids, you need information that tells you exactly what happens on the track. The MyChron 5 gives you lap times, RPM’s, speed, CHT, EGT for every lap. This info can be shown on the screen or downloaded to a laptop and stored with your setup noteson each session.

MyChron 5 Single Temp ........ $499.00

MyChron 5 Dual Temp ........ $599.00